Drones I Vu is a FAA Licensed Section 333 (Exemption 15174A) and Insured commercial drone video service. This means we can legally use our drone to create video for your business. Using a legal drone operator means your business will not get fined by the FAA.

We use the latest drone technology, a Yuneec Typhoon H, with Ultra-High definition 4k camera, to deliver crisp, high quality videos and images.

Our low-altitude drone flies up to 400 feet high to capture views and images that can’t be matched from the ground. Drone video is an affordable alternative for aerial photography. Prices start at $150. Call 252-489-1959 for a custom quote.

Our video is ideal for use in commercials, social media and websites. We will provide end-to-end service or RAW footage only for your staff to complete if requested.

Real Estate


Be a leader in the industry using Drones I Vu video in your sales presentations, advertising, social media and websites to obtain listings, attract more buyers and sell more homes.

What better way to capture the unique qualities and location of your vacation rental home then with an aerial video?


An extra set of eyes just where you need them.

Monitor your construction project no matter where you are located with our drone video service. Troubleshoot construction issues where there is limited access without putting lives in jeopardy.


Remember this moment forever.

Document your “once in a lifetime” moment in all its glory with our Drone looking down from the heavens to capture you, your loved one, guests and the magnificent vista. Our video will be a memento to cherish for a lifetime.



Nothing captures the dynamic energy of the crowd like a UAS video of the event.  Capture the moment when the marathon winner crosses the finish line, the lead band takes the stage under thunderous applause, the game winning touchdown where the crowd leaps to their feet or the community dynamics of a festival with loads of activity.

Golf Courses


Golf is serious.  Give your visitors an edge with a drone video showing all 18 holes; from tee to approach to the putt where the flag is removed from the hole.  A “Drones I Vu” of your course will instruct players of the hazards and what to expect to get their game strategy in line before the head out to the course.

Emergencies & Disasters

A view from the air aids those on the ground for faster rescue

We will deploy quickly to respond to emergencies or disaster scenes where access is limited or dangerous.  We can aid firefighters with a rooftop view so they can determine the best approach using live streaming video of the fire from the rooftop.  We can aid in search and rescue by combing a large area from the air.  Our drone can provide data after a hurricane or event to assess the safety of the dwelling or to document damage for insurance purposes.

Films & Commercials


Drones I Vu would be delighted to provide awe-inspiring content for your film or commercial endeavor.



Call Kenneth Grainger 252-489-1959 with questions or for a quote or email kenny@dronesivu.com.

FAA Licensed & Insured Drone Videographers Call 252-489-1959