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Kenneth Grainger & Victoria Jackson with Piper Aztec

Once upon a time, we bought a plane.  Well, actually two.  But, that is a different story.  We bought a plane to start a Air Charter service for the Outer Banks of NC.  In order to do a charter service, one needs FAA approval.  How hard can that be?

Planes are really expensive.  Not just to buy but to keep!  So, while we were applying to the FAA and jumping through hoops; Victoria Jackson went to Afghanistan to finance the operation until we got the approval and could begin charging for Air Charter services.

We had a 1 year plan.  How hard can Afghanistan be for a year?  Well, the approval didn’t come through in a year….or 4.  It was a LONG time in Afghanistan.  We finally decided to call it quits and sell the plane.  It was a sad day and a relief.  Did I mention how expensive planes are?

Kenneth Grainger has been a pilot for 30 years.  Flying gets in your blood and never leaves.  (Kinda of like living by the ocean).  He originally got his pilot license to service the family photography business (Southern Photo).  He would fly to all the east coast towns to pickup film, cash and deliver finished photographs.  Of course, being the family business he was also the photographer on many of those occasions. Kenneth has over 8,200 flight hours.  And lots of stories.

drones-i-vu-flying-drone-via-boatSo, now we come full circle.  I know Kenneth’s dad is smiling in heaven.  What better way to combine two passions and lifelong endeavors – drone photography!

We named the drone – Gizmo Yuneec.  His hanger is our home.

Call Kenneth Grainger 252-489-1959 with questions or for a quote or email kenny@dronesivu.com.




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