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Yuneec Typhoon H PRO

Drones I Vu is located in the Outer Banks of NC.  We service the entire Outer Banks and Eastern Virgina area.

We sold the plane, prefer not to fly commercial, so if you are within driving distance, give us a call.  Of course, for larger projects, we gladly suffer a commercial flight.

Drones I Vu has the passion and creativity to capture your project from start to finish. We are FAA Licensed Section 333 (Exemption 15174A) and Insured commercial drone video service. We use the latest drone technology, a Yuneec Typhoon H with Ultra-High definition 4k camera, to deliver crisp, high quality videos and images.

Our low-altitude UAS (unmanned aerial system) drone flies up to 400 feet high to capture views and images that can’t be matched from the ground. Drone video is an affordable alternative to aerial photography. Prices start at $150. Call 252-489-1959 for a custom quote today.

We produce professional quality videos for:

Our video is ideal for use in commercials, social media and websites. We will provide end-to-end services including post production with edited content, captions and music or RAW footage only for your staff to complete, if requested.

Business competition is fierce today. Our creative staff will create a compelling video to tell YOUR story. A jaw-dropping video will separate your business from the competition and be likely to be shared, further increasing your business reach. We deliver a finished video for an affordable and cost effective price to drive a greater ROI (Return On Investment).

Our professional pilot takes safety as seriously as when he was IN the plane for all bystanders and nearby property. He swears by his checklists and in addition to checking our equipment prior to flight will also survey the surrounding area. He will not fly in winds over 12mph or in rainy conditions. The Pilot visually maintains sight of the drone (UAS unmanned aerial system). The drone can be flown up to 1 mile away from the pilot; but this is usually reduced due to needing to keep sight of the drone. The drone can also be piloted from a moving vehicle and has several different modes like “follow me”, “return home” or “automatic obstacle avoidance” to further increase safety.

Call Kenneth Grainger 252-489-1959 with questions or for a quote or email kenny@dronesivu.com.

FAA Licensed & Insured Drone Videographers Call 252-489-1959